Get Clear About Your Passion

What you see here is an introduction only for how you can use your college or university degree to start an international project and/or USA charity. Depending on the cause your heart is drawn to, you may be able to help an international community in need by providing your specialty skill set or helping to secure project funds. Not sure what your talent is? I’ll help you pinpoint it with clarity. This revelation can then become your job, career or better yet, your personal vocation. You see, any pressing social issue can be tackled by local people who have a vested interest and direct input into making lasting change – you can be bold, and assist.

I myself am passionate about slavery and human trafficking with focus and determination to see children living in dignity. I actually believe every human on this planet could live free, and the projects you see here are a modest step in that direction. Via a Professional Doctorate program I used education, international service learning and philanthropy as tools to develop the international projects listed below. My Master’s programs also played a vital role in securing seed funding for international education.

In 3 years Good Deeds Internationall utilized grant money from AmeriCorps and 2 major universities. During that time, with help from others, I garnered $250k cash and in-kind donations to: teach and mentor over 30 volunteers about slavery, run 3 international service learning programs for university students to work with at-risk youth, host a rare international counter human trafficking conference in the Asia Pacific, support local and international counter child-trafficking leaders, run workshops and leadership rallies for women and youth in indigenous communities, implement multiple fundraisers, establish 2 international art exhibitions and creatively teach men about human trafficking via Create My Social Justice Ride videos which aired on Australian national TV.

If you are a college or university student motivated to learn how to start an international project or USA charity from scratch…
Contact Aaron C. Caldwell at or call me at +1 (512) 934-3908 in Texas, USA.

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